[Fixed] Lots of missing Internationals

Just an observation. A couple of years back you guys put a big push on to get core updated with all the Direct/NS/CPV/UKPV copies (and maybe some others). Given what feels like a rise in popularity of international editions, I wonder if you’d consider putting a similar effort into those. It would be great to see a country picked one at a time and the community getting behind updating core (or maybe just an inhouse piece of work). Part of the beauty of CLZ is the incredible database, so I’d love to see the work continue. I appreciate that it may not be worth it if there are other things that take priority.

Hi, there! While we appreciate your enthusiasm regarding international reprints/editions, this is not something we will work on the same way as we did with Direct and Newsstands. There are already a lot in Core and we already have been adding a bunch more international reprints/editions to the database, but they’re not on the same scale as Newsstands. And would not get the same traction as we’ve seen with that project. So this is not something we’re going to tackle the same way. We’ll still be happy to add them to Core :blush:

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