[Fixed] Marvel 2010 calendar labeled 2023

Marvel 2010 calendar labeled 2023.
How do I fix? When I try to change it it defaults back to this.

Sorry, I don’t understand. What is labeled where exactly? Are you referring to an error in your local database or to an error in Core?

Please elaborate so we can solve this matter for you.

Hi sorry if it’s unclear… but I am unclear about what is happening here.

I have 2 separate items: a Marvel 2010 calendar, and a Marvel 2023 calendar. They are both under the same series title. If I edit the series title from 2010 to 2023, it changes BOTH titles.
Does core have separate listings for each of the Marvel calendars? How can I find them?
Thank you

@Crogers3000 these are listed in Core under ‘Marvel Calendar’, with other calendars from previous years. The issue number of each corresponds with the date of year.

Thanks I’ve re-entered, and it makes sense now.
You guys rock!

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