[Fixed] Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer #38

Note: I don’t believe this is issue #38A. It has a different ISBN than the one in the core.
It is a Hard Cover book with a wrap around dust cover.

Comic: Marvel Graphic Novel
issue: 38
Barcode: ISBN #0-87135-427-6
variant: Hardcover
variant description: Joe Jusko wrap around dust cover
title: Silver Surfer: Judgment Day
publisher: Marvel Comics

Cover date: 1988
Release date: 1988
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Pages: 64

Cost: USD 14.95
Genre: Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Plotter: Tom DeFalco, John Buscema
Scripter: Stan Lee
Pencils: John Buscema
Colors: Max Scheele
Letterer: Phil Felix
Cover Artist: Joe Jusko
Editor: Ralph Macchio, Tom DeFalco

Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer, as you’ve never seen him before!

In this startlingly epochal issue, Marvel breaks the barriers of the graphic novel format. Now, for the first time anywhere, each and every page is a full-size illustration, truly a feast for both the eye and the senses!

Never before has there been such a fabulous blending of art and script, such a proud showcasing of the awesome talent of illustrator John Buscema, such a mighty vehicle for the scripting prowess of Stan Lee!

For the first time in any graphic novel, each page is a spellbinding, self-contained panaroma, a visual cornucopia of dazzling beauty, presented in a form so daringly different that it had to be a Marvel Comics presentation. For the first time, the brilliance of John Buscema’s artwork is glorious highlighted in the manner it deserves.

This, at last, is the Silver Surfer as he was meant to be. This is the wonder and the glory of the soaring sky-rider from the stars in one of his greatest, most glorious adventures. This is the awesome majesty of Galactus, the demi-god from beyond! This is the terrible threat of Mephisto, the evilest entity of all! And this, too, is the bewitching chronicle of Nova, the beauteous, unpredictable sky-sprite who holds the key to life and death for a thousand, thousand souls!

This, in short, is perhaps the most spectacularly spellbinding, lavishly illustrated epic you will read this year.

Be you now prepared for wonderment without let, for the time is come —

The Silver Surfer soars again!

front cover

back cover

Hi, the pictures you’re seeing is the dust cover. There appears to only be a hardcover which is the one we have in Core