[Fixed] Mitografia: The Art Of Kenneth Rocafort Sketchbook (Mitografia)

Mitografia: The Art Of Kenneth Rocafort Sketchbook (Mitografia)
Barcode: N/A
Variant Description: N/A
Cover Artist: Kenneth Rocafort

Artist Kenneth Rocafort
Cover Artist Kenneth Rocafort

Product Details
Genre Art / Pin-up, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Color Black & White / Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date August 2023

@Warlok the same goes for this sketchbook. I would advice to add this sketchbook to your local database instead. Thank you for reporting though.

Again I have to ask why the comic book sized or ashcan sized published art books are being rejected? They have not been rejected in the past. They contain material that is printed and produced in the same way as any other comic book and have been produced in a manner that others may have them in their collection.
I have no problem in following the rules but I"m looking for justification in why they are rejected. I can find ashcan sized books in the database and I can find many other art book and pinup comic books in the database.
If I understand the reasoning, then I can understand better for future submissions if I decide to continue with this method.


As I said yesterday:

First, we really appreciate your help to improve Core and make it more complete, with your submissions and now with the Missing reports on this forum. Please keep doing so as this is very valuable for us.

However, please understand that it is up to us to decide what we want to include in Core or not. We welcome all missing reports and suggestion, but we cannot guarantee that we will include in Core everything that is reported.
Of course, in practice, 99.9% of everything that is reported IS being included, so again please keep sending in your reports. There is no reason to stop doing so because once in a while we decide no.

About art books: it is a recent realization that our Core includes many entries for artbooks, some submitted by users, some included through our Diamond Previews feed. Some common ones, but most of them super obscure and not ever linked to by users.
So we made a decision to not include artbooks anymore and focus on actual comics.

You are of course still able to include them in your own database, and they will still sync to/from CLZ Cloud, with all the added information, including the cover art AND since our changes last year, EVEN with your own manually entered creator and character lists.
For your own usage, you get full functionality, EVEN if your comic is not listed in Core.

For clarity, we are fully aware that our Core still includes other artbooks. We may decide to remove all of them, OR we may decide to leave the current ones in Core and only apply our new rules to future submissions and reports. That too is up to us and we will decide on a case by case basis.

So again, we really appreciate your help with Core, but please respect our decisions on what to include in Core and what not to include in Core.

My question is not made out of disrespect but for clarity and understanding. This is your software and the decisions to include and exclude remains yours as you have stated.

I may or may not agree with the decision, but I now have an understanding of why the decision is made. That clarity in giving a reason for the rejection (especially as stated these items were accepted prior to this request) helps contributors formulate and provide data that is needed for the CORE.

A database cleanup is never easy and takes time to fully analyze and implement. (At least, without impact to users.)

Personally, I hope you guys eventually reconsider this decision. While adding the art/cover books to our own collection does allow searching and sorting, it does not connect to the Covrprice link. I know not all of the art books are going to be listed n Covrprice, but many of the more popular ones, like the DC Uncovered series, are. Plus, given the number of art credits in many of these art books, being able to share the credits through the Core would save a lot of time for others who include these in our collections.

Ultimately, I know it is your decision. I just wanted to provide more feedback on why I find value in having these books listed.

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Thanks for your feedback. I think the CovrPrice argument is a good one.
I will discuss with the content team.