[Fixed]Monogram Cowboy Collection

Not sure if this post is appropriate for the intent of CLUB Z

I have 10 volumes of this collection, and have hand loaded volume 1 and volume 2.
They are all on dvd Archive WB Collection .
I will address volume 3 in this discussion (and cover Volumes 4-10 in a separate collection).
Volume 3 is Barcode: 883316645086
When I go in to add movies it has the wrong titles. This is a 9 movies on 3 disc collection.
The titles on my dvd are:
Disc 1: The Ghost Rider / The Stranger from Pecos / Six Gun Gospel
Disc 2: Outlaw of Stampede Pass / Range Law / The Navajo Trail
Disc 3. Flame of The West / Shadows of The Range / Law of The Panhandle
The main actor: Johnny Mack Brown
Like I have already loaded in to CLZ Volumes 1 and 2…and if I need to I will manually update and submit to core Volumes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Thank You

Yes, this is definitely something for Club CLZ. I have moved your post to the correct sub-forum now.
@CLZ_Martin will pick this up on Monday.

Sorry Alwin…I didn’t know there was a sub forum.
Have a Great Day

Hi Larry,

No need to manually update or submit to CORE.
I’ve added all volumes from the Monogram Cowboy Collection to CORE and added the correct movies to every volume.

(Note: The reported barcode (883316645086) is for The Monogram Cowboy Collection: Volume 4) :wink:

Thank You Very Much Martin. You are awesome. I was going crazy (you probably assumed that) trying to load them manually. Sorry about the wrong barcode…
Have a Great Day.

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