[Fixed] More Corrections + Question regarding titles without barcodes

Regarding official releases without barcodes, how exactly is it best to report these missing releases? Specifically I have the first few titles from the boutique label Error 4444, none of which seem to be listed in core. They are self-distributed and as such do not have barcodes, but are entirely official and legitimate releases on pressed Blu-Rays. Is it easiest that I supply information on the releases, artwork and so on here?

Also compiling a number of corrections again; as I’m a new user I had a post limit last time.

7319980071829 - Giallo

7330031006096 - Goosebumps 2

5051892224321 - IT Chapter One

5027035024882 - Ju-On The Grudge Collection

5037899075135 - The Last Broadcast

7036988037687 - Nissene Serie 1 & 2

Rambo Ultimate Collection

  • Listed as TV Show, is a boxset of 4 movies. Does correctly shows the included movies however…
  • 4 Blu-Rays

5027035019208 - Rawhead Rex
rawhead rex

5027035014975 - Return of the Killer Tomatoes

5027035010960 - Theatre of Blood
theatre of blood

5060710970463 - Urban Legend

7330031005983 - Venom

5053083206802 - Akira


  • Should be “Alien 6 Film Collection”
  • Boxset containing: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, ALien Resurrection, Prometheus, Alien: Covenant
  • 6 Discs (BR)

7333018020931 - Fast & Furious 9 Movie Collection

  • 9 Discs

7333018021464 - The Godfather Trilogy

I’ve updated the reported editions in CORE.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

We cannot add media releases without a barcode. Sorry about that.
If the movie is missing, we can of course add it for you.