[Fixed]Mussing information Chrono Crusade vol 1-7

Format: DVD

Series: Chrono Crusade

Barcode: 702727111624 Gospel 1 A plague of demons
Barcode: 702727111723 Gospel 2 Holy War

Barcode: 702727111822 Gospel 3 The world, The Flesh and the devil

Barcode: 702727111921 Gospel 4 The Devil to pa
Barcode: 702727112027 Gospel 5 Between the Devil and the deep blue sea

Barcode: 702727112126 Gospel 6 Devils Advocate

Barcode: 702727112225 Gospel 7 Hellfire

I’ve added the missing barcodes and updated the series information in CORE.
Thank you for reporting :slightly_smiling_face: