[Fixed] Neal Dodd and other duplicate actor entries

The following actors seem to have duplicate entries:

  • Neal Dodd and Reverend Neal Dodd (“Reverend” was a nickname for Dodd.)
  • Helen Jerome Eddy
  • Louis Jean Heydt
  • Robert Emmett Keane
  • Layne Tom Jr.
  • Katherine Yorke (3)
  • Ted Mapes
  • Almira Sessions (Almira Sessions and “Almira Sessions … Hannah Bainbridge” entry. Hannah Bainbridge is character Sessions played in “The Heat’s On” ('43).)
  • Gailard Sartain
  • Nino Milano
  • Miho Nikaido (includes entry “Miho Nikaido; Sayoko Amano; Te Kano” and “Miho Nikaidoh,” who is listed in Rotten Tomatoes for “Flirt” but seems to be the same actor.)
  • Sigurður Skúlason
  • James Urbaniak (same actor listed twice for different movies)
  • Roger C. Carmel (4)
  • Tommy Farrell

Updated in CORE.
Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:

Thank you for the fixes. However, I still see duplicate entries for Katherine Yorke and Roger C. Carmel, and I don’t see duplicates for those names in IMDb.

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I see, they had an old IMDB number that was different from the original number. I have fixed these 2 names now. Thank you for letting us know.