[Fixed] New Teen Titans Custom

The Core has “The New Teen Titans, Vol. 1” #1E as well as “The New Teen Titans, Vol. 2” #1B and 1C. I believe there are duplicates among these.

There is a foil and non-foil edition. So there should be two indexed. They reprint from Vol. 1 (from 1980), not from Vol. 2 (from 1984).

Also, it’s not a direct reprint in that it also contains the 16-page preview from DC Comics Presents, Vol. 2 #26.

The indicia reads “The New Teen Titans: Custom Variant.”

So, I would recommend deleting Vol. 2 #1B and moving Vol. 2 #1C into Vol. 1. Or, use a separate series if you think the addition of that 16-page preview warrants it.

Here is a nicer scan of the regular edition that you’re welcome to use if you’d like (as well as the indicia).

@Reinharc this has been corrected, thank you for letting us know!

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