[Fixed] Peruvian Walking Dead 1

Could you please add the following.

Walking Dead 1
Peruvian Edition (Spanish)
Imagine Comics 3/2012

@1 thank you for the suggestion but I would advice to add this to your local database instead.

Your entry will sync to and from CLZ Cloud, with all the manually added information, including the cover art and your manually entered creator and character lists.

Thanks for the quick response.
If you wouldn’t mind could you please explain why this book will not be add to the core. Does it not meet specific criteria to be added?

This is just too obscure. If this was to be added to Core it would end up an entry that ends up not looked for at all. With this in mind, my opinion it would be better to manually add this to your local database instead.

Thanks for the info.
I have a few not so well known comics so I’ll just ask to add them and your team can decide if they are worthy candidates or not.