[Fixed] Possible wrong cover?

I have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin book 1. I used the scan barcode feature and it comes up as first printing, the first printing picture (1A) in the CLZ App is that of the ashcan. The cover I have is show in the app but as an error variant (1CJ), I verified with the Key Collectors app and I do not have the error variant. Error varient has very little color on some pages towards the back of the book. Is the 1A picture in the app correct or incorrect?

Thank you for looking into this!

Could you post a picture of your book please?

The book I have has the same cover as the error varient. I verified with the key collector app I do not have the error varient.

Hi, I looked into this and found that this is not correct. The “error variant” doesn’t exist and we had the preview art as the main cover. This cover was used for the ashcan and as preview art for when you were able to order this. The cover was changed to the less pointy hood. I’m surprised no one noticed this. But to be fair it is such a small detail to notice :joy:

I have merged the error to the main cover. Thank you for being so sharp and letting us now :blush: