[Fixed] Predators Movie Adaption #1TP

A couple corrections for this one. First, the title is just “PREDATORS FILM ADAPTATION” and it should actually just be listed as #1 or nothing (it has no number) but not #1TP. This is an original story (not a reprint) and the format is actually a regular Comic not a TPB. The book listed as #TPB in the 2010 Predators series is actually a combination of the book and that limited series in one. You might want to relocate it to its own series as it is NOT just a reprint of that series (which is actually a movie prequel).

Note this is Format: Comic - not a TPB

This is the actual title:

Editted the series title, however we don’t usually blindly follow what is listed in the indica.

Corrected the format to Comic.

I left the TP in the 2010 alone though as it ALSO collects the 4 issues in this series.
It has a barcode (located on the backcover) so users should be - and were - able to locate it and add it to their local database.