[Fixed] PS Vita Hatsune Miku bundle | Hardware

When searching for that hardware result shows 3 entries.

I think the first one should not be there. It exists only 2 models that I know for that specific Vita, a WIFI and 3G+WIFI.

Don’t know if you want to remove duplicate or merge something to clean the entries.

I own the 3G+WIFI version so I can provide a bit more info to update that model.

UPC : 8809338090408

Device image

Box image

Platform is missing

Pricecharting ID is good, but for some reason I don’t understand when clicking the link from the app it’s redirected to a 404 error. At least the price shows up in the app. Probably not a problem on your side.

Thanks again in advance. Been making a lot of change requests in the past days.

Updated in CORE.
Thank you for reporting.

Unfortunately the 404 is something I cannot change.

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