[Fixed] Series: "Super Sons The Polarshield Project"

The graphic novel series listed as “Super Sons The Polarshield Project” (ID #600799, 625405, 732909) should just be “Super Sons.” “The Polarshield Project” is the subtitle of vol. 1 (listed in the indicia as “Super Sons v.1: the Polarshield Project”). The subtitle for vol. 2 is “The Foxglove Mission,” and the subtitle for vol. 3 is “Escape to Landis.”

Also, the issue number for vol. 1 is just listed as “TP.” Additional info for all three volumes:
Writer: Ridley Pearson
Artist: Ile Gonzalez
Letterer: Saida Temofonte

@tfoss1983 corrected, thank you for reporting.

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