[Fixed] Silent Hill 4: The Room for PS2 (JP)

I figure that instead of having several different threads started by several different people for each individual error, we could instead make megathreads concerning the types of errors. So this thread will be specifically UPC errors similar to how you have made a sub forum specifically for box art/covers. (Which I believe should also just be it’s own megathread.) And if anyone discovers a UPC error they can report it here.

So I’ll start: UPC 4542084001024 is incorrectly listed as Silent Hill: Homecoming for PS3. When in reality it belongs to Silent Hill 4: The Room for PS2 (JP). Which is strange because the box art is fine despite the incorrect name.

We would like to have separate topics for separate errors. No megathreads actually :slight_smile:
This is how we’ve decided to “attack” the issues, and it’s easier for us to fix and be done with each topic/report.

@CLZ_Martin will check out this report, thanks for reporting!

I agree with AJ, let’s do separate threads, that will make it much easier to have separate conversations with separate users.

I feel as though creating a new thread for each individual error will lead to a lot of bloat but, if that’s how you want it then I won’t object further. Will report a missing game next. Thank you!

I have linked the barcode to the correct game and platform. Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:

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The big advantage of having an actual forum is being able to have sub-forums.
On Facebook, this was not possible and we had to do pinned post mega-threads. Which was a nightmare to maintain, with so many conversations with different users going one in one post.

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