[Fixed] Silver and Soot

Silver and Soot is an art book that Jeff Dekal sold at comic cons and through his website in 2023. Here’s the info:

Title: Silver and Soot
Release date: 2023
Barcode: none
Format: Softcover
Pages: 80
Color: Black & White
Genre: Art / Pinup
Country: USA
Language: English
Plot: Silver and Soot is the fifth self published limited edition art book by Jeff Dekal. It spans 80 pages of Jeff’s best white and black work made over the past couple of years. The collection features 4 categories of art with concise paragraphs describing each section and a beautiful matte satin cover. Every book comes signed.
Cover price: $40

Cover art:

@MetalChris this is a artbook, not a comic, so I would advice you to just manually add this to your local database instead.
Your entry will sync to and from CLZ Cloud, with all the manually added information, including the cover art and your manually entered creator and character lists.
Thank you for reporting.