[Fixed] Spider-Man 2099 Exodus

I think there may be an extra variants here.

First, some barcode issues…

  • 1H should be 75960620239300181 (not 171)
  • 1I should be 75960620239300119 (not 181)
  • 2E should be 75960620239300271

(I own all of these).

Now that leaves 1J. The barcode assigned to 1J is the barcode that should be assigned to 1I. And I’m not finding a Mico cover to Exodus #1 (there are several Mico covers to Spider-Man 2099 Exodus- Alpha #1, but none that I can find to the regular Exodus #1). So I think 1J might be extra.

Also, that leaves 2H. The barcode to 2H matches what is indexed as 2E. So I think 2E and 2H might be the same.

This has been fixed!

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