[Fixed] The Complete Corto Maltese TP #2

I’m not sure where the image that is currently uploaded came from, it might be a promo image, but attached is a copy of the actual book. This copy is a first printing. Maybe the copy uploaded is from a later printing? I’m not sure and not sure if you want to replace it, but if you do here it is.

Also the barcode on this volume is 978163140065052999

@mnielsen I’m not sure what you mean unfortunately.

In your post you referred to #2, and that the image might be a promo image, however the image and barcode you provided are listed in this exact series, under issue #1.

Looking forward to your reply so we can solve this matter for you.

I see, IDW published these out of order and I didn’t catch it.

Everything is right. Just ignore this, it was an error on my part.

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