[Fixed] The Savage Sword of Conan #1 from Titan


Comic: The Savage Sword of Conan (Titan Comics)

issue: 1

Barcode: in core already


variant description:

title: Conan & The Dragon Horde, Master of the Hunt, part 1

publisher: Titan Comics


Cover date: March 2024

Release date: in core already

Current Age | Black & White | USA | English

Pages: 80

Cost: USD 6.99

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Writer: John Arcudi, Jim Zub, Patrick Zircher, Jeffrey Shanks, Roy Thomas

Pencils: Max Von Fafner, Patrick Zircher


Letterer: Richard Starking, Jimmy Betancourt,

Cover Artist: in core already

Editor: Chris Butera, Matt Murray, Phoebe Hedges, Calum Collins


Conan the Cimmerian

Solomon Kane


Heroic Signatures and Titan Comics new Savage Sword of Conan presents their new Black & White magazine featuring:

Savage Tales of Savage Swords - Roy Thomas, Conan writer and former editor of Marvel Comics provides an insightful history of the original Savage Sword of Conan black & white magazine.

Conan & The Dragon Horde - A tale of General Conan, whom was hired to lead an assault on the former home of Prince Zaahid for a fortune in gold.

Sacrifice in the Sand - A Conan short story by Jim Zub inspired by the Joe Jusko new cover for The Savage Sword of Conan issue one from Titan Comics.

Master of the Hunt, part 1 - A tale of Solomon Kane as he crosses the tragic remains of sleep and a dog all whom have been killed by some monster. Charged to find the son of the sleep owners, Kane begins his search for the boy and the monster in part 1.

Men Shall Die for This! - A essay by Jeffrey Shanks of Robert E. Howard and the vengeance of Solomon Kane.

Spectacular art pin-ups from Roberto De La Torre, Rebeca Puebla, Gerardo Zaffino & Howard Chaykin.

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