[Fixed] Thirteen

Title: Thirteen (you have it listed as Thirt3en, the cover is actually ‘Th1rt3en’ but the indica is just ‘Thirteen’)
Publisher: DC Comics
Imprint: 2000AD
Date: 2005

You list the Publisher as 2000AD. This actually came out at the time DC was licensing 2000AD material and publishing it under a 2000AD imprint. In small print it say DC comics above the 2000AD logo.

Below is a better cover image. I not sure if 2000AD ever did Thor own print copy of this but I think the DC was the first standalone printing. It had been in 2000AD Prog 1289-1299

This has been corrected and added some other info! Thank you for posting :blush:

@CLZ_Justin you should also probably add 2000AD as an imprint on this one, to be accurate.

Both 2000AD and Humanoids both had DC imprints at one time, even though they were also their own company.

It is not an imprint though. Like you said it’s DC licensing the 2000AD title. An imprint is a publisher under the bigger publisher umbrella. Looking at comics.org, even they have not mentioned as such. So we won’t be adding it either.