[Fixed] Three Aces Comics (Anglo-American)

Three Aces Comics from Anglo-American has a weird publishing history with a few errors in their numbering. For example, they have two issues marked V1 #5 in their indicias, which doesn’t simplify cataloging this series. It was also merged for a few issues with Grand Slam Three Aces Comics, hence the jump in the numbering of Vol. 4 from #3 to #51.

This series is listed as two separate series in CLZ core and likely should be listed as five individual volumes.

Currently →
Three Aces, Vol.4 with issues # 53A & #53B (technically vol. 5)
Three Aces Comics with issues #7 (vol. 1 in indicia) & #54 (technically vol. 5)

Should it be?
Three Aces Comics, Vol. 1 issues 1-12
Three Aces Comics, Vol. 2 issues 1-12
Three Aces Comics, Vol. 3 issues 1-12
Three Aces Comics, Vol. 4 issues 1-3
Three Aces Comics, Vol. 5 issues 51-55



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All volumes have been added, thank you for posting!

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