[Fixed] Title missing accented letters - Adventures of Superman: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Core ID #323250 “Adventures of Superman: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez HC” should include the accents for several letters, as they do appear on the cover. The proper title would be “Adventures of Superman: José Luis García-López.”

I’m also not clear on the convention of appending “HC” or “TP” to the end of some titles. It doesn’t seem to be done consistently across Core titles, and those don’t seem like they’re part of the title rather than variant or format indicators.

@tfoss1983 corrected the series title.

Regarding the HC and / or TP naming convention: it can occur only a hardcover or a trade paperback. While in other cases both are being released.

We create a series title for these if this happens for large ongoing series, so they don’t get mixed in with the issues.

The HC and/or TP addition is to differentiate them from the ongoing series title.

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