[Fixed] Titles Missing Apostrophes

I’ve seen a number of titles missing apostrophes when updated from Core, such as:
“Archies Superteens TP” (Comic ID #612983)
“Black Af Americas Sweetheart” (Comic ID #508047) - Should be “Black AF” and arguably have a colon.
“Empowered & Sistah Spookys High School Hell” #1-6 (Comic ID #512583, 516558, 523141, 532073, 539120, 549857)
“I Dont Know How to Give Birth” (Comic ID #649361)
“Junji Itos Dissolving Classroom” (Comic ID #467456) - At least on the cover, “Junji Ito’s” is not part of the title.
“Maria Llovets Porcelain HC” (Comic ID #822717)
“Mimis Tales of Terror HC” (Comic ID #1003052)
“Nixons Pals HC” (Comic ID #394439)
“Will Eisners A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories HC” (Comic ID #475223) - While “Will Eisner” is on the cover, it’s not possessive.
“Worlds Funnest TP” (Comic ID #430533)

@tfoss1983 corrected, thank you for reporting.

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