[Fixed] Transmetropolitan TP (DC Comics)

The first Few trades have some errors and their order messed up.

Volume 1 was only 3 issues to start with. The first printing of trade 1 was released under the DC Helix Imprint. With the subtitle: Back on the Street. The cover image you have for 1C is actually 1A. Though the blurb is wrong it is onl #1-3.

I’m not sure on the detail for 1B, it is obviously the 2nd printing still #1-3, but I’m not sure if it was Helix or Vertigo.

I have #1 Third printing which has DC Comics Vertigo branding, so the Image you have for 1B should be the one for 1C. It is still only #1-3 and subtitle: Back on the Sgreet.
Barcode: 76194121402300113
Price $7.95
Pages: 72

What you have as 1A is actually the update release where it contained #1-12. It should be 1D

Which would make what you have as 1D actually 1E, again this contains #1-12

There could be other prints I’m not aware of, but that is the correct order for what you have listed.

2A was initially only #4-12. Subtitled Lust for Life. I’m not sure if the was vertigo or Helix.

I have the 2nd printing of the above. It is Vertigo. it is the same cover and it is still 4-12, still subtitled Lust for life. That would make it 2B
Barcode: 76194121713000112 (when I scan it it brings up the book you currently have as 1B)
Price: $14.95

this would make what you have as 2B actually 2C, the is still called Last for life but it is now #13-24.

Corrected, thank you for reporting!