[Fixed] Unable to Edit items anymore (priority please)

Since today I am unable to Edit any item. If I click on the edit button in front of the line - it doesn’t open the edit window. If I open the detail screen and click the edit button on top - it doesn’t open the edit screen either.

Using Chrome on Windows. I am still able to edit on my iPad - but I don’t have my screenshots on there.

Tested Edge on Windows: Same result. It doesn’t open the edit windows

Unable to update my catalogue now ;-(

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Trying to reproduce this now.

Yes, reproduced. Weird, this WAS working yesterday.

One of our developer is looking into this NOW.


Thanks for reporting this so quickly, this has just gotten broken with an update earlier this morning.

Confirmed! Works like a charm again (thanks for the quick fix too!)

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Good to hear it works again!