[Fixed] UPC 030306226897 CORRECTION needed

This UPC is for the Hansel and Gretel 1987 film, not 2002.

And for some reason, this forum is not allowing me to link you to blu ray dot com, the site that shows the US version.

I’ve assigned the report barcode to the correct movie in CORE.
Thank you for letting us know.

Thanks Martin,
How do I get it to update correctly on my end?
I unlinked the movie, then I linked it. On the update screen I selected Replace Data for cast, crew and links, but I am still taken to the 2002 movie when I go to IMDB and the cast is still showing the 2002 cast.

The data in your personal database was incorrect so the best thing to do is delete the old data from your database and add the movie again with a new barcode search.