[Fixed] Valentine’s Bluff Massacre

Hi folks,
Any way you can add this book and its variants to the CLZ app. Thank you and keep up the awesome job that everybody is doing.

@arkham333 it appears this series was already listed in Core, under the name ‘My Bloody Valentine’.

Apparently the publisher decided to change the series title to ‘Valentine Bluffs Massacre’.
I have corrected the series title just now.

(fyi: don’t be alarmed if you notice covers for later issues saying ‘My Bloody Valentine’. This is preview art and will get updated when the particular issues get a release)

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Thank you so much for the quick reply, I found out that they had a little problem with the movie producers, who didn’t want them using My Bloody Valentine on the book.
Thank you again——-you folks are appreciated :v:t2:

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