[Fixed] Variant Name Standarization

Hi! I’m not sure if this has been brought up in the past but, would it be possible to standardize the name of the variants?

As you can see on the screenshot I have comics that are the 30 cent variant, but they are spread out between 4 different Variants and there might be probably more. This is an issue that I’ve encountered many times while adding my comics with the Mark Jewelers ad and with the British/Pence editions and it’s a bit annoying having to manually change them (either individually or in bulk).

Thanks for the amazing app!

@594594 I understand your point. We do try to maintain one particular name but I’m aware some may slip through unfortunately, or were already listed the way they were. Should you stumble upon these, feel free to let us know and we will correct them.

Thanks for the quick reply.
The issue to me is that it’s harder to asses which version to use, what I mean is that if for example I start using 30 Cent Price Variant and down the line I find most of them are labeled 30 Cover Price then I will go against the majority.
My point was that given that in small subsets like this one, complete lists are available, would it be possible for you to just run a query for this particular variant and update it? Just thinking, thanks!

A query sure is possible. Let me think about this, will get back to you soon.

@594594 this should be corrected now. For this particular variant we went - and stay - with ‘30 Cent Price Variant’.


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