[Fixed] Vertigo Voices

Hi all,

Not so much an error in Core, as a weird way of grouping some issues together.

The issue is with the Vertigo Voices series, which currently includes The Eaters (#1), Kill Your Boyfriend (#A, #B, #C), The Tainted (#), Face (#). The way it is entered now shows no missing issues header if you are inside the series tab, but shows one missing issue (#1) in the missing comics tab.

I believe it would make more sense to treat these as separate entries e.g. Vertigo Voices : Kill Your Boyfriend, Vertigo Voices : The Eaters etc. as they are really separate one shots under a specific sub-imprint.

Just a suggestion.

@SGrispos I understand your point.
However we went for a collection entry of these one-shots instead. I edited the series entry just now in order to make it more clear hopefully.

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Thanks a lot for your time & effort! Yes, it is definitely more clear now.

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