[Fixed] Void Rivals

Hey hey hey CLZ Team. My library is showing two copies of Void Rivals 5G, with different covers. I’ve updated from Core and it didn’t change the suffix (F and G in Core) for either. Is there a better way to update this other than deleting them and re-adding?

Library screen

Add screen

I recommend removing the cover images from both entries, then doing Update from Core on both.

The cover wasn’t the problem it was the variant identifier, F and G. Both were G and updating wouldn’t correct it. I edited the variant field to reflect the correct variant. Thanks for the assist Alwin. I just needed a lil help to get to the right solution.

But did that help? It should not make a difference.

What you need to do is Re-Link Core Variant.

If I looked at my ComicCloud correctly, they are linked. I did delete cover pics and update from Core with correct covers. Updating from Core did not update the variant field.

This is correct, the Quintesson has different faces when it rotates. Each cover shows a different side of the Quintesson. I changed the variant description to better reflect that. Hope this is the answer you’re looking for :slight_smile:

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It’s been fixed. My problem was that I had two comics as G variants. I have changed the problem book to the correct variant.

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