[Fixed] War Of The Gods

I noticed when checking my War Of The Gods 1991 Series from DC Comics that you have issues listed which don’t exist. Issue #1 only had two versions. The Direct Edition which was a Collector’s Edition and the Newsstand Edition which also was a Collector’s Edition. Both copies came with the free Mini-Posters. Issue #2 only had the Direct Edition which was the Collector’s Edition and a Newsstand Edition. Issue #3 & #4 did have three versions each. A Standard Direct Edition a Collector’s Direct Edition and a Newsstand Edition. Also with Issue #2 you have a 2A, a 2C & a 2D with no 2B. Here is a link to the GCD which shows the version other than the correct Newsstand version of #4.

@timeman1 corrected the series just now. Thank you for letting us know!