[Fixed] White Widow double?

2O & 2P
3AN & 3AO
4A & 4AT
4B & 4AU
4C & 4AR
4R & 4AV
5A & 5X
5C & 5Z
6M & 6O

If I find more, I’ll let you know. :see_no_evil:

@steefwestein information regarding these variants, or this series in general, isn’t easy to find unfortunately but regarding these variants; isn’t one of these variants ‘normal’ while the other is metal?

Hi Rowdy,

2O & 2P > I see this has been adjusted.
3AN & 3AO > there’s an metal indeed! Added the photo here.

4A & 4AT > can’t find any other, seems to be a duplicate
4B & 4AU > same
4C & 4AR > same
4R & 4AV > correct, my bad, these are different
5A & 5X > 5x needs to be the metal virgin cover. Photo added!

5C & 5Z > this looks like the same comic, can’t find another variant.
6M & 6O > same

Together we’ll get there :see_no_evil:


4C & 4AR > same - 4C appears to have a different color (red). And besides, they both have a different CovrPrice ID. I’m going to leave these alone. (Corrected the cover for #4C though)

I have corrected the others. Thank you for reporting.

Together we’ll get there :see_no_evil: