[Fixed] Why or why not a key

Why are some 1st issues a key for being the 1st issue while other first issues do not get a key. For example Extremity #1 is not a key issue.

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Hi, thank you for posting. When the key database was created, the term “1st issue” was used very loosely, this was also submitted by people. Now we like to use “Premiere Issue” as a 1st issue of a series isn’t key-worthy. By that logic all 1st issues should be 1st issue. That’s why we decided to change it into “Premiere Issue”. But this term is only used on big titles that have been going on for a long time (Spawn, Saga, UXM), a characters #1 (ASM1, TEC1, etc). We’re hesitant on adding this to newer books as a title might not be popular within the next couple of years. We also don’t want keys to constantly change from major to minor or from minor to no key. This could be considered as annoying to a books owner

If you see the term “1st issue”, just let us know and we will change it to “Premiere Issue” if it fits the rules we set. Please keep in mind that keys are not always that strict, some books don’t fit the rules and can be considered a key. Hope this answers your question :blush: