[Fixed] Wrong creators

Can someone correct the creators of this comic please. Especially the cover artist name. Here is the screen shot and the actual comic’s creators written i side the comic. I hope the picture will show. Please let me know if they don’t. Thanks. Here is the barcode number 75960620827200131

Hi there, you sent in an email earlier. I replied on that e-mail, mentioned this has been fixed.

Have you updated the entry?

Hi there. Yeah I saw your email thats why I popped here now​:slightly_smiling_face:. That Skottie Young cover one which is 1C# is not the one has been corrected. For example on the creators section the cover artist is called Russell Dauterman but its actual not hehe. Have look what you think :innocent:

But… it HAS been corrected :slightly_smiling_face: I have corrected it in Core, which is our online comic database.

In order to see the correction in YOUR local database you have to do an update from Core.

(in your local database you can go to the particular issue, click the Action tab and select Update from Core)

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Its done now. Thank you so much you the best

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