[Fixed] X-Men 12 Mark Brooks Rogue covers are in Vol 4 & Vol 5

I think this is probably my fault from submitting issues to CLZ.

I just noticed that I had copies of the trade dress and virgin cover of Mark Brooks’ Rogue cover in both X-Men Volume 4 and X-Men Volume 5. I checked my CLZ database and the issues were listed in both volumes. I checked all 4 issues and they all belong in X-Men Vol 4 from 2020. I checked the CLZ core and these issues are listed in both Vol 4 and Vol 5 and that is not good.

X-Men Vol 5 #12H and #12I should be removed from Core. Any other users that have issues linked to X-Men Vol 5 #12H and #12I should get them automatically converted to X-Men Vol 4 #12D and #12E.

@Mentok1982 corrected, thank you for letting us know about this.