[Fixed] X-Men: Hardee's / Roy Rogers Special

I have books from both restaurants in my position and they appear identical in every way. I do not think there should be variants for these. I recommend you merge them. I would combine the descriptions into one as “Hardee’s/Roy Rogers giveaway”.

They do differ. Right below the issue number in the upper left corner is either “Hardee’s” or “Roy Rogers”. Other than that change, they do appear identical to my knowledge.

And I’m not sure what your experience was, but I seem to recall having a harder time completing the Roy Rogers variant set than I did the Hardee’s editions…



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I did not even notice the difference in the logo. Totally missed that. And while I have several sets of the Hardee’s version I apparently do not have any of the Roy Rogers variants. It wasn’t hard for me to complete my Hardee’s set though - I had a comic store in the 90s and one of my customers was a Hardee’s employee who hooked me up.

My best hookup though was a guy who worked for Pizza Hutt - that dude hooked me up with all the X-Men Creator’s Choice videos, pizza boxes, plastic cups, menus, comics, mobiles, and even the wall displays and standees. I got boxes of that stuff!


@Reinharc weren’t you the one who submitted these in the first place? :+1:

Either way, I’m leaving this series like it is. Good work guys.

Yeah I did report it. I had stacks of the Hardee’s from years ago and I bought a collection that had a set labeled Roy Rogers. Turns out after @Reinharc pointed out where the difference was my Roy Rogers set is actually a Hardee’s set after all. Still have yet to see a Roy Rogers set…