[Fixed] Zenescope's Art of Cosplay: Zenflix & Chill

Release: Nov 27, 2023

Cover: Aug 2023

Publisher: Zenescope

Modern Age | USA | English

Genre: Art / Pinup


| Hardcover | 100 pages | $ 34.99

We are collecting some of our most iconic, limited edition cosplay covers in our Zenflix & Chill Cosplay Art Book! Over 80 illustrations featuring an array of Zenescope heroes and villains cosplaying as various pop culture icons covering video games, movies and all things nerd culture!


|Artist| John Royle, Elias Chatzoudis, Sun Khamunaki, Paul Green, Mike Krome, Dawn McTeigue, Eric ‘eBas’ Basaldua, David Nakayama, Alé Garza
|Cover Artist| Paul Green
|Cover Colorist| Hedwin Zaldivar
|Inker| Jagdish Kumar, Mostafa Moussa
|Colorist| Sebastian Cheng, Ula Mos
|Editor in Chief| David Wohl

@Semichrist seeing this isn’t a comic but a collection of covers I would advice to manually add this to your local database. Thank you for reporting though.

Ok, no worries. Already had it in my own database - I just submitted because I saw the Z-Rated cover book that was released the same day was already in the Core.

@CLZ_Rowdy this really needs including if you’re going to be consistent. Its from the same kickstarter as The Art of Zenescope - ZRated edition that’s in core.

Another way to get consistency is to remove the ZRated edition that is already in Core.

Along with all the Coffin cover books, the DC Uncovered series, and all the other cover collections already in Core? I would be in favor of including them as collections of comic art.

Thats also true :slight_smile: