Flashpoint #2, Aquaman #1 - McFarlane

Hey, there!

I just received these two books in the mail from the McFarlane Toy Store:

Flashpoint #2 - McFarlane Special Edition
Aquaman #1 - McFarlane Custom Comic

~ Russ

FYI, those are in the various McFarlane Page Punchers: Wave XXX series. As you may know, once you add them to your own collection, you’d be free to merge those series (meaning you could have the Flashpoint as a variant to Flashpoint 2 in your own database if you want).

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Ahhhh. I never thought to search under Page Punchers. Thank you!

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This was done due to them being easier to track after the 1st wave was released. We’ve been keeping up with the announcements ever since. I agree that this might be easier to find if it were under the original, but they released an original title trough it as well (Frozen…). This wouldn’t make it consistent if we were to give 1 wave a separate series and the others not.