Folder filter including sort names?


I’ve got a fair number of releases from languages other than English. They’re all well-supported for display, but when I want to filter my list of artists, say, to find 宮本浩次, Молчат Дома, or エレファントカシマシ I’m sort of stuck (as I don’t have a quick way to type characters outside the Latin alphabet)

I have them all with Romanized transliterations as their sort names, so I can find them in the artist folders by scrolling, but sadly when I start typing “molchat” or “Elephant” the results don’t show because their display names aren’t included in that search/filter.

Any chance on the longshot of slightly expanding the filter to include sort names…?

(it’s great for adding artists, since the add artist interface includes both names)

Suppose it’s also relevant to Connect in the end, since the same thing applies in the cloud.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to expand the search into the “sort name” area - it feels like that would be misusing the sort name field for an extra alternative name search field.

I understand your wish and I’ve taken note.

For now I would actually just recommend typing a / character and then type alternative names!