For Books: What does "Collection" mean?

For Books: What does “Collection” mean?

Where exactly are you seeing this? Could you show me with a screenshot?

Collection is simply all of the books you have. I use Collection a bit different. I have several “Collections”. I have one for each of the following: Hardback books, Paperback books, Kindle books, DVD, Blue-Ray, Jigsaw Puzzles, Nook, and Not in Collection. Tabs for each of these are at the bottom of the Book Connect screen.I shelve hardbacks in a different room than my paperbacks. I also add non-book items and Not in Collection are titles I’ve read but do not own. This helps me not checkout or buy the same book I’ve already read.This works for me, but isn’t for everyone. Book Connect is the best option for me since I can access it anywhere I can get online–with my phone that’s about anywhere. I’m a retired K-12 Media Specialist (Librarian) so I’m used to organizing my Collection(s).

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Thank you so much, Dorthy,

Do you know if it is possible to batch-add Kindle books? Or, do I have to add them one at a time by searching author/title or ISBN.

Also, I feel so connected to you as a retired K-12 Media Specialist. I’m a retired junior and senior high school English teacher. Also I was a technology coordinator and taught “Computers in the Classroom” courses as an adjunct professor at Cal State University - Los Angeles for the last 16 years of my 35 year career. During those 16 years I worked closely with school librarians and aspiring media specialists.

Thanks again for your help.

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Robert Sandberg

Thanks CLZ_AJ, my question was answered by Dpwalker. See his/her post.

Robert Sandberg

Good to hear your question was answered. This was posted in the Book Connect forums, was your question also about Book Connect web-app indeed? Or Book Collector installable program for Windows?

Lastly, so this was indeed about Collections? Like extra collections you can create?

As for the Kindle books, if you have further questions about that, let’s do it here: How to add Kindle books - #3 by rsandberg