Games With Adult Content / Eroges

What is the policy on games with adult content? Out of morbid curiosity I decided to see if the Rance series was in the core and someone has added the first four entries.

Every game in the Rance series has full nudity and sex scenes but the core gameplay is akin to dungeon crawling jrpgs. The explicit content is there but it’s not the main focus.

Are you allowing Eroge (Japanese term for “erotic game”) titles in the core? If so, Japan has an enormous number of them that could be added.

Why not add the genre? A game is a game is a game :wink:
I collect Italian Fumetti Erotici comics and there are some already listed in ComicCollector (and most of these are not just nudity, but contain hardcore content).

Pretty much sums up my feelings on the situation as well. As long as there is a physical item that contains game software I feel that it should be documented. Although the owners might not want to deal with such content so I feel it’s only right to ask before flooding them with things they don’t want.

We have no rule against such content.
However, I do wonder if adding all of these is the best way to spend our time right now. I mean, how many of our users actually own these games?
In other words, I agree with the “should be documented”, but I feel like there are more important problems with our game database (like the wrong cover images, wrong regions) that should get priority from our content team.

If submitted through the Submit to Core system, with full details, barcodes and cover images, then it should not take too much time on our end.

Oh I agree here too. I doubt too many people own them, and undoubtedly, even fewer are willing to share such information in a public space. I don’t think they require some sort of special emphasis I just believe it’s proper to be thorough. I didn’t want to assume is all.