Games with different titles in different regions

Games that have different titles in different regions (e.g. Resident Evil / Biohazard) can be confusing if add the editions are listed under the same game.

So we are going to split them up, so that users who search by barcode or by their title, get exactly what they were looking for: their title, their game description, their exact cover image.

Please report games like that here.

Retitling entries so that their core titles are consistent with their regional titles is going to create a lot more threads. So to speed up the process slightly all my posts regarding the correction of regional titles will report on every known UPC for a title in batches, instead of creating a new thread for each individual UPC. Which would take forever. So here we go:

UPC 4543112084477 is listed under it’s US/EU name (.hack//INFECTION Part 1) instead of it’s JP name. (.hack//Kansen Kakudai Vol. 1)

Also while creating this thread I noticed that UPC 3546430109892 is incorrectly listed as JP region. PS2 games from the EU have UPCs that begin with “3”

UPC 4960677800357 is incorrectly listed by it’s EU name (Project Zero) instead of it’s JP name. (Zero)

UPCs 3563650069232 - 3563650069058 - 3563650069140 are incorrectly listed by their US name (Fatal Frame) instead of their EU name. (Project Zero)

UPC 4543112084491 is incorrectly listed by it’s US/EU name (.hack//OUTBREAK Part 3) instead of it’s JP name. (.hack//Shinshoku Osen Vol. 3)

I’ve updated "Project Zero, Zero & Fatal Frame in Core. They all have their own game title now :slight_smile:

I leave the .hack// games as they are, because these are actually translations of Japanese characters. I prefer to leave these games on the US/EU title.

Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I agree with Martin, I am not sure about splitting up those .hack games.
The English titles sound like they just translations of the JP titles, not really a completely different title?

Some I could think of:

  • Resident Evil / Biohard
  • Starfox / Lylat Wars
  • Bully / Canis Canem Edit
  • Jet Set Radio / Jet Grind Radio
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Some series of games:

Contra / Probotector (or Gryzor)
Mega Man / Rockman
Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle

You aren’t wrong. 感染 (かんせん) meaning infection/contagion/being infected and 拡大 (かくだい) meaning expansion/magnification/spread/etc. is very easily localized down to just “Infection” however, if you have any Japanese users they aren’t going to look up “Infection”. They’re going to look up “Kansen Kakudai” or “感染拡大” because that’s what they’re reading on the box. So I feel like if nothing else, adding it as an alias would be nice.

  • Crackdown / Riot Act
  • Lair / Rise from Lair
  • Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit
  • Elebits / Eledees
  • Another World / Out of This World
  • Broken Sword / Circle of Blood
  • Saru! Get You! / Ape Escape
  • Technic Beat / Technictix
  • Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land / BUSIN ~Wizardry Alternative~
  • Silent Hill Origins / Silent Hill Zero
  • Soul Nomad and the World Eaters / Soul Cradle
  • Primal / Saints: Seinaru Mamono
  • Michigan / Michigan: Report From Hell
  • Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel / Metal Gear Solid Bande Desinée
  • Growlanser V: Generations / Growlanser V: Heritage of War
  • Gravity Rush / Gravity Daze
  • Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn / Chase the Express

Is this working as intended? You said you wanted to keep them separate but looking up Fatal Frame shows all versions of the game. Meanwhile, looking up Project Zero brings up entirely different listings of the same UPCs.

Thanks, Fixed now :slight_smile:

  • Test Drive 4x4 (EU name) / Test Drive Offroad 2 (US name)

for SNES: Unirally (EU) / Uniracers (US)

Elite Soccer (US) / World Cup Striker (EU)

Wings of Wor (US) / Gynoug (EU)

  • Resident Evil / Biohard
  • Starfox / Lylat Wars
  • Bully / Canis Canem Edit
  • Jet Set Radio / Jet Grind Radio

These are fixed now, I’ll fix the rest next week :slightly_smiling_face: