General question about TV Series photos


A question/error report in the Core|Errors sub category got me thinking if this type of issue should be reported.

As that post was talking about Witchblade, I got looking at my copy and what I noticed is that for the Season 2 episodes, the individual episodes have an entry in the ImageURL field but there is some error that is causing all the images to show just a X in the box. Below is a screenshot of what I see.

Now, Season 1 doesn’t have any entry in the ImageURL field which is why the last 2 Episodes of Season 1 show no image.

Below is the from the Main Tab when editing the first episode of Season 2, Emergence, for reference. It appears that possibly the last part of the name of the file has been cut off. I did a quick check on several of the other Season 2 episodes and they all have the possible cut off name in the same spot, “Serie.jpg”

Is this something that you would like to hear about as I have seen this type of issue on several other TV Seasons that I have.


That is indeed a very old image URL.
I recommend updating that entry from Core.

I re-added the Series and all the Episode now have descriptions and photos. Thanks!

Okay, good to hear that.

My Update from Core suggestion did not work?

When I read your original reply, the first thing that popped into my head was that I needed to re-add it. I think I have used the Update from Core one once a couple of months ago when I asked about updating IMDB ratings. When I read your response just now asking about updating from Core not working, I finally made the connection. Unfortunately I removed my original copy of Witchblade. I know that I have seen other TV Series that have missing photos so when I find them again, I will try Updating from Core.