Ghost Machine #1

Anyone else plannig on getting Ghost Machine #1 from Image Comics / Ghost Machine in a couple of weeks.

The collective and different universes theyre planning makes me think of the Crossgen universes.

Have to say the aesthetic of the Rook series spinning out of this is blooming appealing too.

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If this isnt commisioned as a TV series with purchasable toys within 5 years, I’ll be very surprised…

Rook Exodus

Yupp! I liked the ashcan that they released at NYCC last year

I like the creators and have pre-ordered.

I will probably pick it up. I have been enjoying Geiger. I’m a sucker for a post apocalyptic dystopia, especially a nuclear powered one.

I’m totally on board with Ghost Machine. I don’t think it will go beyond 5 or 6 years, but I love a lot of those creators and I’ve really enjoyed Geiger and Junkyard Joe.

I hope I’m wrong about their longevity and this lasts for a long time, but I’m just being realistic on how I’ve seen these creator owned imprints perform. More often than not they don’t have anyone steering the ship and laying down the law. So titles quickly suffer from missed deadlines and inconsistent storytelling. In the end they crumble under the weight of their own artistic genius.

I just going to continue stanning Rook until my copy of Ghost Machine Gets delivered…

Been following Geiger, JJ. Will pick up Redcoat. I’m torn on Rook as I’m starting to exceed my monthly pull volume tolerance. May wait for trade.