Giving us a history of watched movies

One suggestion I have for the mobile app is to keep a history of when you’ve watched a movie. Now there’s only the date of the last time watched. Would be nice to see how many times you’ve watched it and when.

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+1 to this; one of the reasons I still maintain DVD Profiler alongside this one…so I even have the data still stored for a bunch of stuff!

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This is something I would like to have too, but as a temporary solution I use the Note field to write down the dates I’ve watched the movie.

This is actually on our ideas list: allowing the tracking of multiple watch dates.


I use the notes section to track multiple viewings.
Each time I watch a title I list the last time in notes and then use the current date for the new viewing.

Change viewing date to last viewed date and put another row under that titled times viewed and fill it with numbers 1 thru 20. And they just click the number for times viewed.

I use the note section to add key facts about the movie , I find this interesting and much easier than clicking imdb , search title , find trivia and scroll through, all I need to do is open clz , find title and scroll up

I add a link to the Wikipedia page for each of my movies, then when I watch them I can just hit the link and read the details about it. Comes in handy