Grandfathered Plans

There is much discussion in other threads about moving from Windows to Connect.
But I have seen nothing about how Grandfathered Plans will be treated.

The grandfathered status is something that is very specific to the desktop software. It means that even if you don’t have an active subscription,

  • you still keep access to the software
  • you can still use Core and Cloud
  • but you cannot download software updates anymore

Connect however is full subscription software for everyone. You always need an active subscription to use it.
Also, for Connect all updates are automatic and installed by us, on the server, for all users. So the update cannot be separated out per user.

So your grandfathered status does not apply for Connect.

What about Windows subscription plans marked “does not expire”. How would these be transferred to Connect?

Those ARE actually honored.
If you currently have a lifetime subscription for the desktop software, you can transfer that to the Connect edition.

That’s brilliant. Thanks for the info. I’ll start to check out the Connect software, and think about moving two of my products across. (Music and Movies).

In other posts there is mention of taking out a Connect subscription for one month only. How does that work? Since I only edit the data in the other Windows products (Games and Books) once a year and the rest of the time use the app, I would much prefer to subscribe to the App constantly, knowing that if I have major edits, I could just take out a one month subscription to Connect if needed.

Just go to our shop at, choose the Pay Monthly option, then before the month ends, CANCEL it to prevent the automatic monthly charge.

Great. Thanks.