Handheld barcode scanner

Hello, I was just wondering if there was still support for a handheld barcode scanner in the desktop version of the Comic Collector software. Thanks for any help.

Yes, that has not changed. However, for scanning barcodes check out our FREE scanner app CLZ Scanner. Search for “CLZ Scanner” in your App/Play Store on your iOS/Android device. This scanner app is directly supported in our Collector Windows downloadable, and online Connect software.

For third party scanners
Any scanner that can emulate keyboard input will work (also called HID devices).
Most barcode scanners have this functionality, though for some scanners you will need to install additional “wedge software” to get keyboard emulation. Check your scanner’s specification and/or documentation for more information.

For the software, your scanner is “just another keyboard”, so it will not be detected as a scanner.
To use your scanner, just place your cursor in the barcode/ISBN box, then scan a barcode. The barcode will appear inside the box, as if you typed the code with your keyboard.

But, you have to make sure that your scanner can scan those longer comic barcodes - that is not something they can all do.

One thing to note there is that for scanning modern comic barcodes, you need a scanner that supports scanning the FULL 17 digit barcode.
So the 12 digit base UPC code, plus the 5 digit extension.

Sometimes that is a configuration setting of the scanner.