Help needed

Hi, I’m in need of a picture of the indicia for ASM, Vol. 2 #528 the spider-ham cover. A pictures of the whole 1st page with indicia would be greatly appreciated :blush:
Anyone able to help me with this?

Pictures for reference:

These are from my PC - look identical to what you posted. Were you expecting something different?

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Yes I was hoping for it to be a 2nd Printing like the other covers for 525-529. But I guess it’s not…Other sources have it noted as different things so it was unclear to what is actually is. The 2nd picture came from the A cover I believe but I guess this just makes it a variant or ratio variant. Appreciate you commenting, thank you :blush:

Trawling through the Diamond Archives.

It reads as if the Spider-Ham sketch variant was pre FOC, no mention of the actual Spider-Ham Cover, but it would be unusual to be a second print if the sketch version was offered that early.

NEW VARIANT ALERT: Marvel Releases Images of Amazing Spider-Man #528 Free Retailer Sketch Variant - Diamond Comics

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Nice! They have the ratio numbering for the sketch in there. The regular spider-ham variant is noted a little further down (different diamond ID)