House of Secrets 92 2019 Facsimile

The CovrPrice raw sales data is showing a couple of transactions for NM for like $44.60 and $39.99, and then a ton of sales for $3.99. But CovrPrice has set the value of the facsimile at like $45. But really, this is just a facsimile. I’m guessing that those are real sales for the facsimile but they were sold to really dumb people who thought it was the original or something. But with 200+ sales at $3.99, should those two higher sales even matter?

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Glenn - Thanks for the call out on this. I went in to verify the $44.60 sale but it has since disappeared so we have removed that sale. The other sale looks like it was super high grade and is more likely a solid 9.8 raw candidate. As such it is now in the NM+ raw bucket. The general NM bucket is now more around $2.70 where you’d expect with a lot of the recent sales.

You can’t currently see this distinction, but the vast majority of the sales in that NM bucket are out of MCS. They tend to sell good volume on this book and have the biggest impact on the price - especially since those 2 most recent sales eBay sales have been addressed. We have a rework in play for later this year where you’ll be able to see the source of the sale and some more information about it if our subject matter experts find out something out of the norm on a sale - but for now I’m happy to research anything you spot that looks out of place.

Thanks again for writing in on this one.

You’re welcome. I’d suggest that all facsimiles need some special attention, due to issues around consumer confusion.

We have algorithms that look for key terms and system checks that look for certain price differences - but sometimes it can be hard to discern legit high grade raw copies that go for more like slabbed prices and actual outlier sales that aren’t legit.