How can I create new formats for when adding a movie?

I have a plex server and would like to add the format “Plex” when I have it on my plex server in addition to having it as a format of Blu-ray or DVD. I have a select few that I’ve purchsed digitally without any DRM that are only on Plex as well. I used to use the Windows desktop app and I knew how to add new formats there, but cannot seem to locate the option to add formats via the web interface now that I’ve moved to using that. Any suggestions?

In the Edit Movie screen, on the Edition tab, there is a black + icon above the format list.

Ah yes, Thank you! Do you know if I can upload an icon image like you can on the desktop version? I don’t see that anywhere on here.

It’s not possible to add your own format icons right now. Any in particular you’re missing, or do you just want to change existing ones?

Plex was the main one. I run a Plex server for my films and some can’t be ripped and some I have purchased drm free digital versions that are only on Plex. I added a title of Plex and on mobile it shows the actual Plex logo but on the website it just says “Plex” instead of the logo.

Indeed, Connect doesn’t pull from the same batch of icons. I have it on my project list here to add more icons to Movie Connect, such as Plex.


I don’t know how many people collect these, but I also collect Super 8 reels. Adding that would be nice but I understand if you cannot since Super 8 didn’t release the entire film, just scenes typically. Then they often retitled the “film” based on the scene instead of the original film title. Not sure how that would work but it would be cool to be able to include those in my CLZ library as well.

I’ll just add it to the list here, should be no problem adding another one :slight_smile: